The Monastery, Rye, East Sussex

It was a party befitting a Fellini film with staggering artworks in every corner of the building alongside Alex Macarthur's globally sourced antiques, until the end of September 2017.


Monastic multitude

A remarkable 14th century monastery, saved from dereliction, will form the dramatic backdrop for art, sculpture and antiques carefully curated by Alex Macarthur, from 15th September . Flock at the ready...

JK4C2242 copy 2.jpg

Art fair Hampstead

A large collection of Ponti birds will be exhibited with Cameron Contemporary Art at Hampstead art fair from 11-14th May.

Metallic Ponti birds

Still life

A shelf stuffed with inspiration.

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Sowing some seeds for the start of this matt black avian tribe. 

Family of five

Commissioned for a stunning regency house

Summer show

A shoal of Coral fish exhibit at Cameron Contemporary Art

Battersea birds

A flock appear at Battersea Art Fair for the weekend