New vessel collection


A new collection of hand built ceramic vessels have just arrived in the sunny state of California for Garde, Los Angeles. Inspired by landscape, seeds and the mesmeric process of pattern and repetition.

Manus Monastery

Alex MacArthur Interiors

So worth a visit to the headquarters of this inspiring curator. I have a very small selection of hands currently available at Alex MacArthur Interiors. The big red dotted pieces have already gone.

Beautiful words

Talk event.jpg
Flock Project XE3Sept19 297.jpg

During the Flock Project exhibition at Lewisham Arthouse, we held a talk event which had an emotional moment when members of the Grounding Project spoke about their experience of the project. Here are their words and those of others which were read out to the audience.

“Making birds helps with my concentration. I feel relaxed without knowing it, while making the birds. I learned new skills and also had new experiences by visiting the museum. Although the museum was packed with people, it helped me with my mood and helped me to trust people.” 


“For me it has been like therapy. Torture makes you silent, but making birds helps me to renounce my silence. Making bird’s together means we are united. We speak different languages, are form different cultures and different nations – but here we are one. We are in the same boat together. 

I love to learn new things like bird-craft and I love birds because they can fly free. As a torture survivor, we can do what we want because of this project.”


“Making birds reminds me of being back home. When we were small, we made things like birds out of clay. We used to get clay from the ground and then it became soft. The programme was interesting, we were together and it taught us things we didn’t know. It was an advantage to see different kind of birds, unlike what I normally see in London. This got me excited about nature.” 


“First of all to thank Julie for her hard work and introducing us to work with clay. I really found it interesting, relaxing - I really enjoyed it. Just to be able to use a piece of clay and use Julie’s instructions to make birds - and quite successfully! It was just relaxing and peaceful. Like me, and the clay, and trying to make a bird.

Birds are freedom. Like my pigeons, they would go and come back. Making those birds brings back nice memories of my birds.

It was a nice, friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Everyone was warm to Julie and each other. It was really good. She wants to bring people together and she did that here.”


A unit of 200


Preparations are underway for a unique exhibition of 200 individual ceramic birds created over months with refugees and their supportive public in London at the Arthouse, New Cross. Please see Flock Project for details of the exhibition.

The Stratford in Stratford


Julie Nelson vessels have appeared in the foyer of the new hotel by the Manhatten Loft Company called Reminiscent of large patterned pebbles, theysit amongst a glorious combination of natural materials in this new oasis in East London.

The gathering


Over the Summer months a great gathering of birds have been glazed and fired together in East London following workshops at the Grounding Project and the V & A Museum. Now to work out their formation for September.

Ever expanding Flock

Thank you to everyone who took part, helped and simply showed an interest in our Flock workshops which took part at the V & A on Sunday for the launch of Refugee Week with Counterpoints Arts. We have rapidly increased Flock numbers in one amazing day. All the birds will be exhibited together in September.


Good looking

An early Ponti bird has been selected as the perfect compliment for a gorgeous sideboard by Godson Design.

Godson Design with  Black Ponti bird.jpg

Festival of Brighton

Brighton celebrates for the month of May and Cameron Contemporary Art is the place to spot these Pebble pots which have been made specially for the Summer.


Mix magazine

I’m not one for trends but it was great to be selected by Rebecca Hoyes for Issue 55 of forecaster magazine Mix (Colour Hive), with some fabulous photos of my ceramic pieces.

Issue 55, Mix Colour Hive.jpeg

Save the date - 16th June

Flock bird making workshop will take place in the most inspiring Ceramic Collection, the V & A, for the launch of Refugee Week on Sunday 16th June. Thank you to Counterpoint Arts and the V & A for the opportunity to take part.


Art and Wellbeing

I have started working on a project with psychologists from UCL to explore the benefits of creating in clay on the wellbeing of those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The birds creations are wonderful.

1.4.19 d.jpg

UCL grant award!

I and a team of academics, a psychologist, a psychotherapist and arts manager are delighted to have been awarded a grant from University College London. I will be running the clay bird-making workshops in Kennington, London at the Maudesley Charity’s Grounding Works project. The team will be assessing the wellbeing and mental health of our participants, many of whom are suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Looking forward to getting started and thank you UCL Grand Challenges for giving us this exciting opportunity.

Flock gathered outside the studio.jpeg

Flock family

Plans are being made for exciting workshops in 2019. Please get in touch if you are interested in taking part.

Flock the birds

Open studio weekend

On the 24th and 25th November my studio will be the tidiest it has been for a while. You are most welcome to come and see my experiments in clay.

studio image Julie Nelson

Biscuit Factory

In Newcastle’s cultural quarter for art, craft and design sit a group of hands and birds specially made for the Biscuit Factory.

Julie Nelson (white) birds.jpg

Real Deal

Birds, hands and bud vases now exhibited at Will and Yates gallery and interiors in the lovely town of Deal, Kent.


Bird watching

Recently spotted hiding in these glorious bushes, look carefully